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Brick Bat Coba waterproofing

We spent a lot of money on the interior and the exterior view of our home. But many people don’t spend money on the waterproofing of their home due to which they face the problems of leakages in the rainy season.

Water is one of the biggest enemies of the Buildings. It is very important to protect our home from the leakages in the rainy season.

Leakage is one of the most common problems which is found in many buildings. Leakage causes the deterioration of the concrete and corrosion of the reinforcement.

  • To prevent the entry of moisture in the structures.
  • It will help to maintain the temperature in the structure.
  • Brickbat Coba also helps to protect the building from the leakages.
  • It will help to protect from the heat and keep the structure cool in summer.
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